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What’s Gnome Do?

Simply put, Gnome Do is a small application that allows folks with the Gnome desktop environment (found in popular distros like Ubuntu and Fedora) to find and launch files, music, website, preferences, and commands (such as shut down, restart, log out, lock screen, etc.)

How Do I Get Gnome Do?

Gnome Do is available in the Ubuntu Software Center, and probably the repositories for other distributions as well. If the graphical installer (such as a software center or package manager) does not have Gnome Do listed, you can easily download it from http://do.davebsd.com/

Why Should I Use Gnome Do?

The main advantage of Gnome Do is that it learns from your habits. In addition, Gnome Do is fast to launch. Not only that, but it searches in every folder that you have indexed at the same time. It’s not like the search tool in which you have to search within 1 folder at a time.

Gnome Do is easy to get set up and it can save you tons of typing, effort, and most importantly–time. When you’re trying to get stuff done, it’s really stupid to waste your time searching for things for 2 minutes when you could find it in 10 seconds or less, ya know?

The Gnome Do YouTube video is coming soon. In addition, look out for our video on Customizing Your Gnome Pannels.


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